Performance Floor

This durable all-purpose floor is best used in permanent or semi-permanent installations in studios, multi-purpose rooms and showrooms. Performance Floor's durability and abrasion resistance allows it to stand up wherever traffic is heaviest while still offering an excellent surface for all forms of dance.

Performance Floor is available in Black, Light Grey, Dark Grey and White. It is sold only by the full roll, no cut is footage available.


6'-0" (1.83m)


60' (18.29m)


.1" (2.5mm)


280 lbs. (127 kg) per roll



Choose this floor for:

Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Lyrical, Ballroom, Drill Team, or Pointe


Permanent or Semi-Permanent

Use with:

Latex Adhesive, Double Stick Tape, Heavy Duty Cleaner, All Purpose Cleaner and Vinyl Tape


  • Co-calendared wear layer
  • Dimensionally stable PVC
  • Felted backing



Product Numbers

300 73035 7200


300 73031 7200

Light Grey

300 73025 7200

Dark Grey

300 73030 7200



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