RoscoLED® Power & Dimming Controls

Controls for Vibrant, Versatile Lighting Solutions
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Balanced Plug-&-Play Solutions

Combining 24VDC power and DMX controls, RoscoLED Control Boxes provide easy-to-use, balanced solutions to support all 24v RoscoLED Tape products. Each Control Box features multi-pin output connectors for simple, quick and error-proof connectivity with RoscoLED Tape, as well as DMX via 5-pin XLR or RJ45 DMX In and RJ45 DMX Out connections.

Comprehensive Power Supply Solutions

No matter what size your project – there is a RoscoLED Power Supply for the job. Available in 120W to 600W capacities, we offer power supplies that conform to UL/ CE standards and provide reliable 24VDC power to RoscoLED Tape products. Available in IP20-indoor and IP67-outdoor units, RoscoLED Power Supplies offer convenient screw terminals on indoor models and insulated lead wires on outdoor models.

Flicker-Free Dimming

RoscoLED DMX Decoders feature state-of-the-art, adjustable Pulse Width Modulation control technology. With PWM from 500Hz to 30kHz, our DMX Decoders ensure flicker-free performance under any conditions. 

Easy-To-Use Wireless Control

Rosco RF Remote Controllers are engineered with advanced PWM technology to offer smooth and reliable wireless color-mixing, color temperature and dimming control of RoscoLED Tape and other Rosco LED products.