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Resource Center

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Case Study: The Origin Story Of Rosco’s New African Mud Cloth Breakup Gobo Designs

Case Study: Avant-Garde Photography With Lindsay Adler & Rosco Gobos

Case Study: Precise Projection Design Illuminates Montreal’s New Art Installation

Case Study: Gobo Projections Create A Luminous, Spiritual Journey Inside Metz Cathedral

Case Study: Using Gobo Projections To Enliven Dark Walkways

Case Study: Window Projections Reveal The Hidden City

Keystone Calculation for Custom Gobos

Case Study: Night Of A Million Lights – A Holiday Light Display That Helps Future Wishes Come True

Case Study: Re-creating Passageways Of The Past With Gobo Projections

Case Study: How To Create Mountainous Scenery With Rosco Gobo Projections

Case Study: BIPOC Artists Illuminate Their Truth With Projected Art & Poetry

Case Study: Binkley Reflections - A Tribute To Howell

Rosco Gobos for Health

Rosco Standards for Gobo Artwork Creation & Reproduction

Rosco Gobos for Hope