Roscoflamex PA

Paint Additive

Roscoflamex PA is a clear, un-pigmented additive for creating a flame retardant paint layer. Add one full jar of Roscoflamex PA to a US gallon (3.79L) of water based paint to make your paint coating flame retardant. Roscoflamex PA is compatible in most latex or vinyl acrylic paints but always test with your specific paint choice. Do not use Roscoflamex PA with metallic paints as the metal pigments may react and tarnish or corrode. Roscoflamex PA does NOT alter the flammability of the substrate being painted but only adds a retardant treatment that slows the spread of fire along the surface.

Using Roscoflamex PA
Roscoflamex PA has been pre-measured and should be added to a single US Gallon (3.79L) of paint. Once combined, the paint/Flamex mixture can be diluted as desired but the dry paint film must be no less than 4 mil in thickness. The effectiveness of a fire retardant barrier is dependent on both the fire retardant additive and the thickness of the coating. Roscoflamex PA is not intended to be used in place of other Roscoflamex products. Where possible, always treat the substrate material using the appropriate Roscoflamex product.

Note: When using Roscoflamex PA in Rosco Supersaturated paint add one 8 oz. jar to one quart of undiluted Supersaturated and then dilute this mixture at least 1:1 with water. Mix thoroughly before using.

8 oz. of Roscoflamex PA mixed into one gallon of paint will treat approximately 300 square feet (28 square meters) of material as per paint manufacturer's guidelines.

Applying Roscoflamex PA

Apply treated paint by brush, roller or sprayer as per the paint manufacturer's instructions. Regardless of the method of application, it is vital that a complete paint film is formed and that the dry film thickness of the finished coating is not less than 4 mil. Paint films that are incomplete, or are too thin, will not provide a barrier against the spread of fire.

Certification and Testing
Roscoflamex PA has been approved for use by the California Fire Marshall and has been tested according to ASTM E84 Class A.

Store Flamex products in non-metallic containers. When metal sprayers are used, they should be thoroughly cleaned immediately after use, including nozzles and accessories. Avoid use of metal buckets or paint containers when possible.

Read carefully the instructions supplied with any Flamex product. Rosco offers these products in good faith, but without guarantee of any type, since materials treated and methods of application are beyond the control of the manufacturer. You should determine suitability of the Flamex product for the intended use and always test before using.

Roscoflamex PA compares to original P50. Do not intermix old and new Flamex products. Use to treat:

  • Latex house paint
  • Tinted latex paints
  • Latex primers
  • Rosco Scenic paints
  • Clear Flat or Gloss Acrylic Glazes
  • Vinyl and Acrylic water based mural paints

View the material compatibility chart for more specific materials.

Product Number

150 079PA 0008

Roscoflamex PA Latex Paint Additive - 8 oz.

150 079PA 0640

Roscoflamex PA Latex Paint Additive - 5 Gallon

150 079PA 1208

Roscoflamex PA Latex Paint Additive - Case 12 x 8 oz.

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