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"The dimming curve is perfect, the color is perfect. Miro Cube does everything a footlight needs to do." Jane Cox – Lighting Designer
I’m still amazed at how well Rosco Vivid FX Paint performed! I love, love, LOVE the one-coat coverage factor, and I could not get over the eye-popping color. Even in daylight, it almost made me squint! Amy Benson-Sachse – Muralist
R3150 Industrial Vapor is the ugliest filter you’ve ever made; and if I were to light an actress with it, I would be fired instantly. But when creating the twister in 'The Wiz,' it’s perfect! Ken Billington – Lighting Designer

The Challenge

In New Georges’ Obie Award-winning production of A Beautiful Day in November on the Banks of the Greatest of the Great Lakes, two characters needed to be instantly transported from a gymnasium to a dock on the edge of a lake – using a lighting effect. 

The challenge of this technique was illuminating the floor without spilling any of the water effect onto the actors. Lighting designer Barbara Samuels and scenic designer Sara Walsh transformed their gym floor into a deep body of water using a unique mix of Rosco UV products.

Rosco Solution

The X24 Effects Projector’s large-scale, rippling light output produces the most organic water effect available. Rich in UV-output, the X24 can project a black light water effect when used with Permacolor #3660 UV Pass Filter.

X-24 X-Effects >


First Walsh painted a watery texture on the floor with Rosco’s Invisible Blue Fluorescent Paint. Samuels illuminated the fluorescent pigments with Rosco’s Miro Cube UV LED fixture, and then used an X24 Effects Projector with a UV Pass Filter installed to add subtle movement to “the water” on the floor.

This combination of Rosco products made the floor glow with a watery effect without affecting the actors’ lighting on the dock. Using this technique, the gym floor magically transformed into a flowing body of water in a matter of seconds.

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